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ID no.1

Media: CD 
Released: 09-1991
Catalog no:
- MDCD 6360
- 8314952
Barcode no:
- 0 0881-10339-2 7
- 7 24383 14952 0
Title:  Michael Learns To Rock

Tracklist :
1. My Blue Angel
2. Looking At Love
3. A Kiss In The Rain
4. The Actor
5. Messages
6. I Still Carry On
7. Crazy Dream
8. Africa Queen
9. Come On And Dance
10. Let's Build A Room

Bonus track :
11. Gone After Midnight

Also released on this media

Media: Vinyl 
Released: 09-1991
Catalog no: MDLP 6360
Barcode no:

Note :
The vinyl version does not contain the bonus track Gone After Midnight.

This work is credited on the songs seperately
Additional Background Vocals:  Jens Hofman
Lars Overgaard
Oli Poulsen
Additional Bass:  Oli Poulsen
Additional Drums:  Jan Lysdahl
Additional Engineer:  Lars Overgaard
Additional Guitar:  Dean Parks
Hans Henrik Egestorp
Jens Hofman
Lars Overgaard
Oli Poulsen
Tony Peluso
Additional Keyboard:  Hans Henrik Egestorp
Oli Poulsen
Additional Percussion:  Rune Olesen
Additional Programming:  Jim Lang
Oli Poulsen
Richard Scher
Additional Synthesizer:  Jim Lang
Richard Scher
Assistant Mixing Engineer:  Chad Munsey
Assistant Recorder:  Anders Bonde
Co-Producer:  Richard Scher
Composer:  Jascha Richter
Michael Price
Richard Scher
Terry Lupton
Executive Producer:  Poul Bruun
Randy Nicklaus
Steve Barri
Lyrics Writer:  Jascha Richter
Marybeth Derry
Michael Price
Richard Scher
Mandolin:  Dean Parks
Mixer:  Oli Poulsen
Tony Peluso
Producer:  Jens Hofman
Oli Poulsen
Steve Barri
Tony Peluso
Recorder:  Jeff Poe
Jim Lang
Oli Poulsen
Richard Scher
Tony Peluso
This work is credited on the entire album
Art Direction:  Frenchy Gauthier
Jeff Lancaster
Cover Design:  Dick Bouchard
Jeff Lancaster
Master:  Steve Hall
Photographer:  Chris Barr
Tracey Landworth
Photographer (Live Photos):  Joachim Ladefoged
Production Coordinator:  Jens Hofman
Stylist (cover photos):  Lynn Bugai
Robert Raphael
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