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Planet Blue  03:17

This is the people who work on this song
besides the MLTR members normal work
Birgitte Friboe Choir
Hans Toft Olsen Choir
Jacob Evald Choir
Jascha Richter Producer  at  World Studios
Lyrics Writer
Mixer  at  World Studios
Johan Bejerholm Programming
Mixer  at  World Studios
Producer  at  World Studios
Johan Stentorp Producer  at  World Studios
Mixer  at  World Studios
John Kjøller Choir
Lars Møller Choir
Mathias Grip Choir
Morten Kjær Choir
Nina Lange Choir
Stinne Henriksen Choir
Turid N.Christensen Choir
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This song is not released in any other versions

This song, in this version, is on the following releases:
  Jascha Solo Releases
Planet Blue (CD) (Jascha's solo album)
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