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ID no.33

Media: MC 
Released: 2001
Catalog no: ?
Barcode no:

Note :
This version is called 18 Love Ballads, and the most of the same songs as 19 Love Ballads, but the last tracks are different and it contains only 18 tracks.
Title:  18 Love Ballads
(Indonesian Version)

Tracklist :
1. The Ghost Of You
2. The Actor ('99 Remix)
3. Sleeping Child
4. Complicated Heart
5. 25 Minutes
6. Out Of The Blue
7. I Wanna Dance
8. That's Why (You Go Away)
9. Love Will Never Lie
10. How Many Hours
11. I'm Gonna Be Around
12. Nothing To Lose
13. Paint My Love
14. Breaking My Heart
15. Strange Foreign Beauty
16. Romantic Balcony
17. Naked Like The Moon
18. Forever And A Day


This work is credited on the songs seperately
Additional Arranger:  Oli Poulsen
Additional Guitar:  Jens Runge
Additional Programming:  Oli Poulsen
Additional Recorder:  MLTR
Arranger:  MLTR
Oli Poulsen
Background Vocals:  Lea Thorlann
Marie Carmen Koppel
Pernille Dan
Peter Bom
Susanne Marcussen
Trille Palsgaard
Bass:  Oli Poulsen
Cello:  Henrik Dam Thomsen
Jørgen Ejvind Hansen
Composer:  Ashley Mulford
Jascha Richter
Johan Stentorp
Oli Poulsen
Drums:  Jan Lysdahl
Engineer:  MLTR
Oli Poulsen
Guitar:  Jens Runge
Oli Poulsen
Hammond B3 Organ:  Ivan Sørensen
Keyboard:  Oli Poulsen
Lyrics Writer:  Ashley Mulford
Jascha Richter
Johan Stentorp
Oli Poulsen
Mixer:  David Krueger
Lars Nissen
Lars Overgaard
Mads Nilsson
Oli Poulsen
Per Magnusson
Tony Peluso
Producer:  David Krueger
Oli Poulsen
Per Magnusson
Programming:  David Krueger
Oli Poulsen
Per Magnusson
Recorder:  MLTR
Recorder (Strings):  MLTR
Strings arrangement composer:  Morten Lambertsen
Strings arrangement conductor:  Morten Lambertsen
Viola:  Katrine Bundgaard
Violin:  Line Fredens
This work is credited on the entire album
Album co-ordinator:  Mik Christensen
Ole Mortensen
Cover Creator:  Peter Ravn
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