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ID no.4

Media: CD 
Released: 1993
Catalog no: CIR1008-2
Barcode no: 7 09522 10082 2
Title:  Colours
(US Version)

Tracklist :
1. Wild Women
2. Something Right
3. Sleeping Child
4. I'm Gonna Come Back
5. Complicated Heart
6. 25 Minutes
7. You Keep Me Running
8. Out Of The Blue
9. Ocean Of Love
10. I Wanna Dance


This work is credited on the songs seperately
Additional Guitar:  Ashley Mulford
Jens Runge
Arranger:  MLTR
Oli Poulsen
Bass:  Oli Poulsen
Composer:  Ashley Mulford
Jascha Richter
Drums:  Jan Lysdahl
Engineer:  Oli Poulsen
Tom Jeppesen
Guitar:  Oli Poulsen
Keyboard:  Oli Poulsen
Lyrics Writer:  Ashley Mulford
Jascha Richter
Mixer:  Oli Poulsen
Tony Peluso
Producer:  MLTR
Oli Poulsen
Programming:  Oli Poulsen
This work is credited on the entire album
Additional Engineer:  Anders Bonde
Lars Overgaard
Morten Munch
Peter Mark
Cover Design:  Niels Ditlev
Executive Producer:  Jens Hofman
Poul Bruun
Master:  Steve Hall
Percussion:  Søren Madsen
Photographer:  Philippe Merie
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